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Fall Session 2020 Center Form: click here

Fall Session Center Dues:
$1500 to Isola Riding Academy
Session meets for 10 meetings: Saturdays 2-5pm (Group 1) and Sundays from 2-6pm (Groups 2&3) --> COVID-19 Scheduling 

New Member Dues: 
$600 to Isola Riding Academy
New member dues is a one time only payment that covers all of the new member needs: first National and Regional dues, Pony Club Polo, Pony Club Saddle             Pad, Pony Club Pin, Pony Club Manual, Medical Armband, and Badge Achievement Workbooks and materials etc.

Returning Members Dues:
Annual National USPC Membership: $145 with renewal application to USPC National Office (2021 renewal -$25 loyalty discount)
Annual Regional Dues: $50 to Middle California Region, USPC


**See News tab for more information on protocols for Return to Riding COVID-19**


Fall Session 2020 Gear Orders: click here

New Members:
Included in New Member Dues
Please select size for your first polo and saddle pad.
Additional Gear: 
Pay total to Isola Riding Academy
Please select size for your additional polo(s) and/or saddle pad(s).



2020 USPC Participating Member Application: click here